Possible Details About Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Us Citizens

Every nation has its own rules for their own citizens and for other people those who live in other nations. Even every alien country tries to tighten their border security as possible as they can. Vietnam is a very beautiful place even many people desire to watch the history. If you visit any other country then you need to take a visa for that country. If you are a US citizen and you want to go Vietnam, then you definitely required a visa for visit Vietnam. After landing the Vietnam airport U.S citizens can pick up their visas. In order to get Vietnam visa on arrival, read this article and its important details.  

Entry requirements

Everybody needs a valid passport in order to cross an international border because it’s your first valid international identity. In addition to this, if you have the passport then make sure it must be valid for six months for stay at Vietnam. In order to grab more current information about Vietnam visa on arrival for us citizens, you can visit Embassy of Vietnam.

Cost of Vietnam visa

Nowadays the visa processing is too easy and fast as well. Travelers can fill their own application form and get the visa of Vietnam. If we talk about the cost for online service fee then it starts from $ 12 for the single month. Moving further, if you want multiple entries then you need to pay $ 14 for 1 month. Some people also pay $ 20 for 3 months single entry, on the other hand, $ 38 for multiple entries.

Online process

You just need to fill an online form for Vietnam visa and then pay the fees. After getting your approval letter on the email, your approval letter photos and passport will stamp on Vietnam embassy. Travelers need to pay the stamping fees.