Where To Find Free Driver Download For Windows 7

The right drivers are extremely important for the proper functioning of your computer and other products. If there are any missing or outdated software or drivers, then the operating system may behave erratically or not work at all. The free driver download are required for various aspects of your computer’s function from wifi connection and sound to printing.

If you have been experiencing problems with your Windows 7 operating system lately then this is due to an outdated or missing driver. The manufacturers usually release regular updates for the latest drivers hence it makes sense that you download the free drivers to keep your computer functioning properly.

Windows 7 comes with a ‘Windows update’ feature that helps in updating the drivers in your system. The manufacturer usually provides a Driver CD to the users and this CD contains all the drivers that are needed for the effective functioning of the computer system. If you have lost or misplaced the Driver CD then you can always update it with free driver download in Windows 7.

You need to follow these steps to update your system with free driver download:

  • First you need to click on the Start button
  • Next, you must click on ‘Windows Update’
  • In the left side you will see many options. Click on ‘Check for updates’

How can you manually update the drivers in Windows 7:

Click on the Start button and then go to Device Manager

Locate the device that needs an update for driver

Choose the device and then right-click. Now, click on the update driver software option.

You will find two options – Search automatically for driver software and Browse computer for updated software

In case you choose the first option, the computer will look for any available free driver download available and give you a list of options.

You can now manually get the free driver download from the manufacturer’s website and directly install them on your computer.