The Best RimWorld Mods

Want to improve your gameplay and broaden your late game? Get to know the best RimWorld Mods to get started!

An indie space construction and management simulation, RimWorld has eventually arrived on Steam Early Access. Even though it has been for numerous years and is still in alpha, a fervent player community has brimmed around it. Every fervent player comes with creative modders.

Here’s a list of the best RimWorld Mods you cannot play without.

  • Edb Prepare Carefully

One of the clever mods to start with, Edb Prepare Carefully allows players to customize their potential colonists – selecting their back story, appearance, traits, gear, stats and anything else that is worth changing at will.

  • Fluffy’s Mods

It has created some very valuable mods for RimWorld. Since Fluffy offers a great tool to build projects, thus you don’t need to begin from scratch whenever you start construction.

  • Glitter Tech and Efficient Light

Glitter Tech is considered more external fancy than most other mods. However, it gives players access to a store of innovative power generators, blast doors, wall lights, automatic mortars, powerful turrets and so much more!

  • Medieval Times and Zombie Apocalypse

Essentially, the Medieval Times mod of Vindar is an expansion to RimWorld, introducing proper clothing, armor, weapons, building items and two new medieval sections. Additionally, new maps also contain one medieval war band and two medieval societies.

  • Colony Manager

Managing a bustling and increasing colony is not a simple achievement. Thanks to Colony Manager mod as it can now be more manageable. Using this mod, players are able to automate plenty of the colonist’s work by means of arranging production lines that will direct from raw resources to finished products.

These are just some of the best RimWorld mods. They will help you through the often harsh expectations of RimWorld and eventually, achieve the winning point.