Iphone Jailbreak Basics: All About Cydia

If you have decided to jailbreak your iPhone unit, one of the most familiar apps that you may have come across would most definitely have to by Cydia. Basically, this app is just like a whole new world, something that apparently replicated the App store, and is an essential app to have to enjoy the whole jailbreaking experience, which is why you have to make it a point to install Cydia after jailbreak. If you want to know more about Cydia, here’s a closer look at some of its features.

What’s in Cydia?

This is an app which enables you to access some of Apple’s most prominent apps – at no cost at all! This also allows you to download customized themes for your phone, and allows you to get tips, guides, and links in order for you to be effective at jailbreaking. It has a sections tab which effectively groups natured apps, themes, and tweaks. It also has a change tab that allows that shows you the latest apps, as well as the most recent updates for the apps you have downloaded through Cydia.

Making Your Life Easier

One of the good things about Cydia is that they know of how cumbersome and complex the actual process of jail breaking is. To somehow compensate for that, they have a “make my life easier”tab which would allow you to save SHSH blobs, which allows you to do the jailbreaking process easily over and over again, even if the device  has been unintentionally updated.

How do you get Cydia?

While you may be tempted to search it on the App store, unfortunately, it can’t be found there. If you decide to jailbreak your phone through TaiG and Pangu, and if you have observed the right process, its logo would just appear.