All About Honey Badgers!

Who doesn’t love the feeling of ecstasy that rushes through the body when one gets a taste of honey? A fine gift of nature indeed; honey is something we cannot imagine our lives without. And apparently, one other member of the animal kingdom absolutely adores this delicacy too. Yes, you have guessed it right. I am referring to the bundle of fur that wecall as a honey badger.

With a biological title of ‘Mellivoracapensis’, honey badgers live up to their name. Their love for the sweet stuff is quite unmatched; however they usually prey on anything ranging from birds, mammals, reptiles, fruits and eggs. Being the thick skinned creatures that they are, it is quite tough to harm their external skin, thus making them resistant to almost every form of attack, including snake venom. This skill coupled with their immaculate ability to dig holes at atrocious speeds, makes them somewhat difficult opponents to beat. With razor sharp teeth, they can break down the hard shell of a tortoise too, which means that no small creature in the animal kingdom can rest assured of escaping a honey badger’s attack unscathed. To add to this, they have a slightly haughty attitude which means they can become aggressive pretty quickly, hence avoiding picking a fight with a honey badger could be the wisest thing any animal could do.

Generally, honey badgers do not move in groups, they prefer solidarity over everything else. This tendency is adhered to most of the times, except during the mating season. Apart from mating, another instance of pack movement is when baby badgers stick around with their mothers long enough to be able to fend for themselves. Aren’t you already fascinated by these marvelous creatures? Dig deep and there a truckload of knowledge that we can learn about them. Are you ready for a trip to Animal Planet?