Athletes Gaming for Richest Celebrities

Talent has proven to be major source of income for many people. The different talents create job employment for many people. However athletes get to benefit largely from their talents. Apart from having fit bodies and being flexible, they get to entertain and motivate those of their kind. Athletics is a highly paying field with major limitations. Athletics can be watered down to boxing and wrestling, game balls, track games like running and even swimming. From the different fields, we can narrow down to major athletes; You may check out for more info.

Serena Williams; she is not only a professional tennis player but also an investor. She has a jaw-dropping net worth of $130 million. She is the most popular and affluent female tennis player. However other sources of her income could be from firms she is supporting. This include; McDonalds, Puma, Wilson and Hewlett Packard among others.

Randy Orton; being the second youngest wrestler in WrestleMania International Championship, Orton has a net worth of $10 million. Orton made his first television match on SmackDown!, where he was wrestling against Hardcore Holly. He has been in wrestling for over 12 years and has been successful. However he is known to be disrespectful to other older popular wrestlers.

Mike Tyson; he is given the title of the strongest man in the world.  He is a winner of heavyweight championship internationally. He is a retired American fighter who has unfortunately been said to squander his money. He is currently worth $ 1 million. He has a record not broken of having won 26 matches out of 28. By the time he was bringing in 300 million pounds in his boxing career.


Not only is been an athlete challenging but can also be expensive. They tend to lead a healthy life where consuming some products would affect their performance. They also require other additives like energy drinks that can be rather expensive. However their skills pay handsomely to be recognized among richest celebrities.