One Tree Hill Summary

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Here is the summary of the very famous show, One Tree Hill. If you have not heard of this show, then you must know that this show is about two half-brothers who take their relationship of brotherhood to a relations of rivalry and war when things start to get serious. The show focuses on the lives of high schoolers whose lives revolve around basketball, because that is the only way to recognition in the small town of theirs. Basketball is literally the “big thing” in their lives, and it is the sole reason that leads to the rivalry between the two brothers as they try to move up the ladder of their social group and the team.

This begins when a young buy from a modest background gets involved in the lives of these wealthy students, by a chance of luck. He is up against the ambitious, Nathan Scott, whose father was once the well-known basketball player of his time. The father now runs his own dealership of cars and makes a great business out of it. Not only is Nathan an ambitious child, but his father, too, leaves no scope unutilized for motivating his hard-working and already bright son in the game which won him his fame. As he sees his son going in his footsteps, he is no less than an extremely proud father. With the help of his coach, Nathan starts getting the recognition he believed he has always deserved. The rivalry starts when these two guys compete for the same position. But how far will they go before giving up? Watch to find out!