How to Travel to Melaka by Conventional Bus

Travelling to Melaka, a state in Malaysia is usually part of the itinerary of people who go to the country. This is primarily due to it being one of the most progressive, as well as culturally diverse states in Malaysia. Transportation is one whichis actually not difficult, as from Kuala Lumpur, one could always travel by bus to Melaka. If you like to take the luxurious trip to the place, you could opt to book any of the Nice Executive Coaches. If you want to take the conventional bus, however, you can always take the ride from Bandar Tasik Selatan Station.

If you’re based in Kuala Lumpur, it’s important to note that you would have to take a train ride in order to get to this station, and that there really isn’t a direct bus line apart from the coach style buses from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka. One of the good things about doing so is that you would not really have to worry about reservations and the like, as there are so many buses you can choose to ride on from this terminal. As a matter of fact, you could ride from sunrise to the wee hours of the evening, whichever you are most comfortable.

Tickets are not an issue at all, and are really easy for you to purchase throughout the day, except for holidays and weekends where travels are significantly less. It would also be difficult for you to purchase tickets online but it’s not impossible. Purchasing of tickets could be done through going to booth windows where you can inquire on bus line availability, as well as the times for departure. Once you get your ticket, make sure to wait patiently and know a little bit about the culture of the locals.