The Leading Bus Operator From Melaka To Genting

Getting and Melaka are two famous tourist attractions in Malaysia. The ability to connect from Melaka to Genting is an interesting prospect for any tourist. It’s important to realize that there are no train and flight services between these two places. Hence traveling by bus to Genting from Melaka remains the only option.

The leading best bus operator from Melaka to Genting

The only bus operator serving people traveling from Melaka to Genting is 707 coaches. The bus operator provides only 1 trip per day from Melaka to Genting. So, you have to be keen on the departure time of the bus if you are planning on traveling by bus to Genting.

However, to provide more options for people traveling from Melaka to Genting, 707 coaches have three departure locations in Melaka. These boarding locations are 707 Hotel Malacca Orange, Melaka Sentral, and Hatten Hotel Malacca. The 707 coaches’ operator employs qualified as well as experienced drivers to ensure that travelers’ safety is ensured.

Journey Duration

When traveling by bus to Genting from Melaka, it takes approximately three to three and half hours. This is highly dependent on conditions of traffic. Therefore, it only takes a little time to move from one attractive location to another.

Bus Fare

You don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money. Notably, bus fare from Melaka to Genting is highly affordable. The 707 coach charges RM75 to commute between these two exceptional cities. Bus tickets can be obtained on the day of travel or you can book in advance through the internet. If you book through the internet, ensure that you contact the bus operator offices to confirm your ticket.

Bottom Line

Traveling from Melaka to Genting is only possible through the use of a bus. If you wish to travel by bus to Genting highland from Melaka, there is only one available bus operator, which is 707 Coaches. Hence, anytime you wish to travel from Melaka to Genting, think 707 coaches operators.